Welcome from Phil Spillane, Principal, Bell Wealth Management:

In 2010 I proudly became the Principal of Bell Wealth Management, a firm originally established in 1961.  There are many things that give me pride in our firm, and foremost is our commitment to independent thinking, knowledgeable planning, and investment advice based on our clients dreams and goals, which we refer to as their destination.

It’s important to me that our clients understand our firms’ core beliefs:

Bell Wealth Management's Mission...

To be committed to helping our family of clients achieve their wealth goals so that they can pursue the things in life that they have identified as most important to them. Together we will create and follow a unique and personal ”Road Map” to guide you with as much efficiency as we can, through each phase of Wealth Management (Accumulation, Preservation, and Distribution), so that you have more time to focus on life!

Bell Wealth Management’s Vision...

To remain independent of banks, financial industry giants, and insurance companies; continue to serve our clients best interests with unequaled levels of loyalty, competency and service; and most importantly, continue to celebrate as our clients achieve their life’s milestones.

Thank you for visiting our website and for the opportunity to provide you with information about Bell Wealth Management. You can take a look at my background on FINRA'S Brokercheck. You can also follow us on FACEBOOK.
I have also written a book called Starting With the Destination in Mind available at amazon.com or visit www.philipspillane.com.


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