Q and A with Rebecca Fetterman, CFP®

Q&A With Our New Financial Advisor, Rebecca Fetterman, CFP®

June 2022

TYSON: Welcome to Bell Wealth; how have you settled in? 

REBECCA: Wonderfully, everyone is so friendly, and I’m happy to be part of a team that cares so much about the clients. 

TYSON: Can you tell us more about your family and why you moved to Vermont? 

REBECCA: I grew up in Connecticut with my parents and two older brothers. Since before I can remember, we traveled up to southern Vermont almost every weekend growing up. My parents bought their retirement home (the land in Vermont) on their third date, and we spent the weekends on the land. It was rustic- no electricity or running water while we built a cabin we could stay in. We played a lot of board games as a family, shot rifles on the firing range, drove ATVs in the woods, and I loved playing in the streams.  

TYSON: So, what brought you to Vermont? 

REBECCA: Well, I always felt like I grew up in Vermont with how much time we spent here, so when my boyfriend (now husband) and I discussed where we wanted to raise a family, we decided to move to Vermont and be closer to both of our parents who live here in Vermont. 

TYSON: How did you end up in the wealth management industry? 

REBECCA: When I was thinking about going to graduate school, I realized the magnitude of my decision to go to a private college that was expensive. I realized quickly that my student loans were going to be a big lift for a long time, and I couldn’t burden myself with more debt. Personally motivated by understanding the finance industry better, I worked in mortgages initially, then banking and commodity trading, before working at an independent investment advisory firm. I found myself being able to finally combine my love for working/helping people with my financial knowledge. I enrolled in the CFP® program with the Boston Institute of Finance and became a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER professional in November of 2021. 

TYSON: What do you like most about working with clients?  

REBECCA: Every individual is unique, and so is their financial plan. Each person has goals that are specific to them, and no situation is the same. Getting to know my clients’ dreams, wishes, and goals while being their faithful steward along the way is my favorite part. We have so many wonderful clients, and I enjoy getting to know every individual better. 

TYSON: What do you like to do when you are not working? 

REBECCA: I am a big DIYer and love doing projects around our home. We usually do one big project a year to increase the value of our home, and then every year, I have a big garden. I love being outdoors with my two young children, Ryder and Lincoln.  

TYSON: What is a fun fact about you?  

REBECCA: I don’t know if I have any fun facts, but I can fix cars and like construction! I guess I do have one thing that isn’t common in this day and age: I earned the Gold Award in Girl Scouting, which is equivalent to the Eagle Award in Boy Scouting.  

TYSON: That’s awesome! It was great learning more about you! Thank you for sharing, and welcome aboard!