Q and A with Lucas Auger


Q&A With Our New Paraplanner, Lucas Auger

November 2019

We recently had a Question and Answer session with our new paraplanner Lucas Auger, so you can get a better feel for who we are working with! We tried to think of everything we could, but if there is something else you would like to know, please send us an email and we will get it answered! Here we go…

AMY: Now that you’ve learned the ropes here at the office, what are you most excited for in the coming years?

LUCAS: While there are many things that I continue to feel excited about, the one that I feel most strongly is a fervor to become an integral and dependable addition to our clients and the relationships you’ve built with them. I want to become a familiar face and a friendly voice that our clients grow to trust over the years.

AMY: Are you from Vermont originally?

LUCAS: Well, I was born in Princeton, Massachusetts and bounced all over the north east when I was growing up. My family finally came to Vermont when I started high school at CVU where I played tennis and spent the next four years. I then attended UVM and graduated in the spring of 2016. After my time there, I will forever call Vermont my home.

AMY: And while you were still in school, where did you spend your summers?

LUCAS: Camp! I’ve been fortunate enough to have always had at least one parent working for a summer camp. I was practically born at camp and spent every summer sleeping in cabins, running, jumping, and swimming. I have a strong connection to Windridge Tennis Camp in Roxbury, Vermont where I spent many summers both as a camper and a counselor teaching tennis, mountain biking, and swimming.

AMY: Are you looking forward to the cold winter months?

LUCAS: Surprisingly, Yes! I grew up skiing with my Dad every weekend who was a ski instructor at Bolton. While in college, sadly I had to give up my days on the slopes and never found my way back to the mountain. However, this year my brother is determined to drag me back up the mountain. I’ll be shaky at first but I’m sure it’ll come back to me in no time!

AMY: Is your family here in Burlington as well?

LUCAS: Unfortunately not, my parents both live in Tampa, Florida now where my little brother just graduated high school with a strong passion for acting. I hope he continues to pursue it! My twin brother and I both live in Burlington and enjoy spending time on the lake and in the mountains hiking together. Lastly, I have an older brother (Yes, four boys!) who moved from Vermont to Oregon a few years ago. I’m looking forward to making a trip out there to visit with him sometime soon.

AMY: What are your passions outside of work?

LUCAS: Cooking has become a huge passion for me over the years. About once a month I host a tasting menu where I cook for about 26 people and take them through 7 unique courses using some of Vermont’s finest ingredients. My goal is to wow their senses and inspire them to get down to their local farmer’s market and cook more on their own. I also love teaching cooking classes, (pasta making is one of my favorites,) to kids and adults alike.

AMY: I had no idea you love to cook! Okay last question- I’ve been told you’re somewhat of a tech guru! Can you confirm the rumors?

LUCAS: Haha! I’m not sure about “guru” but in college I worked at Geek Squad as their Advanced Repair Agent. So, if the tech issues in the office ever get out of hand, I’ll promise to dust off the old uniform, complete with a clip-on-tie and badge. With a little luck we’ll have things back up and running in no time.

AMY: That sounds great! Having more tech savvy hands in the office this day in age sure won’t hurt things. Thank you for taking the time to share a bit more about yourself!