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Celebrating a youngest child’s college graduation was a special moment for my wife and I. We had just attended the “Senior Send Off” event, and Seniors were moving on to have their class picture taken at the outdoor Amphitheater. As parents jockeyed around the Amphitheater to take their own pictures of the graduates, I happened to spot a second-floor patio that would give us a great vantage point for our own pictures. We were the second and third people to arrive on the patio just before another thirty people jammed onto it.

As the students were positioning for their class picture below, I happened to glance over my shoulder to see a young man in a wheelchair stuck behind a wall of people, three deep. It was obvious that he could not possibly see the events going on below, and I knew what had to be done. I excused myself, moving back through the crowd, and asked the young man if he would like to move to the front of the patio to see his graduating brother or sister. In a humble and almost embarrassed nod he acknowledged yes.

As I turned back to where I had been standing it became obvious that people had watched my interaction with the young man and they instinctively knew what I was planning to do. It was as though Moses was present and the crowd immediately began to part, making a clear path for the young man to roll his wheelchair to the front of the patio. His smile alone was reward enough for me, and it reminded me not to wait for others to do the right thing; when you see an opportunity to help others, just do it!